The submission should consist of a unique PDF file, containing the text and the figures, typeset using the Open Journal of Mathematical Optimization LaTeX author's class available below, with references placed in a BibTeX file.

The relevant source files are available here:

The file ojmo-sample.tex (in which authors may copy the body of their article) contains an example of an article showing the use of different proposed environments. The file samplebib.bib (in which authors can place the bibliography of their article) shows how to write a reference list in "BibTeX" format. The files cedram.cls, cedram-OJMO.clo, and plain+eid.bst must not undergo any changes or alterations. They must be put as is in the same directory as the article and the bibliography. 

To obtain a file ojmo-sample.pdf from the ojmo-sample.tex file, after downloading the files cedram.clscedram-OJMO.clo and the bibliography style plain+eid.bst into the current directory, type (in this order) the following commands:

  1. pdflatex ojmo-sample
  2. bibtex ojmo-sample
  3. pdflatex ojmo-sample
  4. pdflatex ojmo-sample